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Social Protests And The Catholic Teacher

Social Protests And The Catholic Teacher

Social Protests And The Catholic Teacher In this episode we explore the way that significant aspects of modern social protest mirror the deep religious impulse central to all human lives. The difference for a Catholic teacher is that the religious impulse is ordered...

Growth Mindset For Catholic Teachers And Why It Matters.

Growth Mindset For Catholic Teachers And Why It Matters.

Growth Mindset For Catholic Teachers And Why It Matters. In today's episode we explore a great insight from Monsignor A.N. Gilbey and also how we can apply the concept of a growth mindset to ourselves as well as to our children. No matter how long we have been...

Jean Baptiste Chautard And Saving Catholic Education

Jean Baptiste Chautard And Saving Catholic Education

In today's episode I share some powerful insights from Jean Baptiste Chautard who helps us to make the crucial connection between liturgy and the overall health and vitality of every Catholic school. If the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Catholic faith then...



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Welcome To One Catholic Teacher

Each day you do remarkable work as a Catholic teacher transforming the lives of young people. This website exists to encourage and support the thousands of 'one Catholic teachers' who wonder if their work is making a difference. A great place to start is by checking out an episode of my daily podcast. Use the button below.

What People are Saying...

Jonathan Doyle has worked with parents, teachers and students in schools of my Diocese for five years. He is exceptional in his ability to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ and His Church to each of these different groups and to inflame their faith.

Dr John Graham

Assistant Director, Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Lismore

Jonathan Doyle is our go-to-guy for the latest evidence-based content and pedagogy on Christian education in sexuality and relationships. At a time when young people are immersed in popular (anti-)culture like never before, Choicez Media is working at the coalface with the message of love and responsibility.

Ian Smith

Director Evangelisation and Religious Education, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

Jonathan Doyle is one of the best Catholic communicators in Australia and I strongly recommend his seminars for Catholic educators. It is a unique opportunity for all your staff to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith and the Church’s mission to the world.

Professor Tracey Rowland

Dean – , Pontifical Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family.


One Catholic Teacher exists to inspire, encourage and support Catholic teachers around the world. Each day Jonathan Doyle offers a short dose of formation and encouragement via The Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast. Jonathan is also a global speaker and author on all issues related to Catholic Education.