Welcome to the Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast! Join global Catholic speaker Jonathan Doyle for a brief yet impactful message to empower your vocational journey. Jonathan shares a poignant quote from St. Bernard’s Commentary on the Song of Songs, emphasizing the crucial role educators play in fostering a longing for God in students’ hearts.

Drawing from personal experiences, Jonathan offers practical insights on creating environments where students are drawn to God, whether through moments of silence or nature excursions. Amidst the allure of social media, he reminds listeners of the deeper yearning for truth, beauty, and goodness in the human heart.

Tune in as Jonathan inspires educators to prioritize the spiritual growth of their students. Subscribe and connect on Instagram @jdoylespeaks and jonathandoyle.co. Let’s continue nurturing the desire for God in our students’ hearts. Stay blessed and inspired on your journey of faith.

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