Welcome to the Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast with Jonathan Doyle, where faith meets education in a powerful dialogue. In today’s episode, Jonathan makes his triumphant return after a challenging few weeks marked by a bike crash that left him with 12 broken ribs and two steel plates in his shoulder. But he’s back, fueled by the prayers and support of his community, ready to dive into the heart of Catholic education.

With infectious enthusiasm, Jonathan delves into the core message of Catholic teaching: the call to holiness and discipleship. Drawing from Abigail Shrier’s provocative book “Bed Therapy,” Jonathan challenges the prevailing notion that happiness is the ultimate goal. Instead, he offers a profound insight into the ancient concept of eudaimonia, a state of human flourishing rooted in virtue and alignment with God’s will.

Through engaging storytelling and scholarly analysis, Jonathan invites listeners to reconsider their approach to education and personal fulfillment. He explores the dangers of chasing transient emotions and superficial positivity, advocating instead for a deeper, more enduring path to fulfillment found in virtuous living and communion with God.

As Jonathan reflects on his own journey and the transformative power of virtue, he issues a rallying cry to educators everywhere. It’s time to raise the bar, to expect more from ourselves and our students, to embrace the sacred mission of forming disciples who seek truth, goodness, and holiness.

Join Jonathan on this enlightening journey of faith and education, where every episode promises insight, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. Subscribe now and join the conversation as we navigate the intersection of Catholic teaching and the classroom. Visit jonathandoyle.co.ca for more resources and booking information. Until next time, stay blessed and keep teaching with heart.

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