Join acclaimed motivational speaker Jonathan Doyle in this compelling YouTube episode as he tackles the crucial topic of eliminating mission diffusion within Catholic schools and refocusing on their true purpose: to participate fully in the mission of the Church by forming disciples. Prepare to be inspired and gain practical insights on aligning the educational journey with the profound mission of Catholic education.

In this thought-provoking episode, Jonathan passionately addresses the challenge of staying true to the core mission of Catholic schools amidst various distractions and competing priorities. Drawing upon his extensive experience in the field of education, he sheds light on the importance of refocusing efforts on forming disciples who will carry the light of faith into the world.

Jonathan presents a compelling case for unifying the mission of Catholic schools, emphasizing the crucial role they play in shaping the spiritual, intellectual, and moral development of students.

He highlights the unique opportunity to shape young minds and hearts, preparing them to become faithful disciples who positively impact their communities and the world.

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