Welcome to the Catholic Teacher Podcast with global Catholic speaker Jonathan Doyle. In this enlightening episode, Jonathan explores the pivotal role of the Catholic teacher and the profound concept of divine appointments.

What exactly is the role of the Catholic teacher? Jonathan elucidates that beyond imparting knowledge, Catholic educators have a sacred duty to be vessels of God’s love and truth in the lives of their students, colleagues, and communities.

Central to fulfilling this role is understanding and embracing divine appointments—moments when God orchestrates encounters that allow us to be instruments of His grace. Jonathan shares insightful anecdotes and reflections to illustrate how these divine appointments can manifest in the most unexpected of circumstances, reminding us that no interaction is too small to be significant in God’s plan.

Through a deep commitment to obedience to God’s Word and a daily immersion in Scripture, Jonathan emphasizes how Catholic educators can cultivate sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading, enabling them to seize every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Join Jonathan on this transformative journey as he encourages listeners to recognize and embrace their role as Catholic teachers, ever ready to be vessels of God’s love and agents of His divine appointments.

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