Join global Catholic speaker Jonathan Doyle on the Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast as he explores the indispensable role of sacred scripture in the life of a Catholic educator. Drawing from decades of experience as a global Catholic speaker, Jonathan shares insights into the transformative power of daily scripture exposure.

In this episode, Jonathan reveals his personal routine, beginning each day at 4:00 AM to immerse himself in the Word of God. Through his engaging anecdotes and profound reflections, he emphasizes how scripture shapes the character and leadership of Catholic teachers around the world.

Jonathan highlights the divine invitation found in Isaiah 50:4, urging listeners to embrace their role as disciples who listen attentively to God’s voice. He underscores the significance of scripture in nurturing spiritual growth, discernment, and authentic leadership within the Catholic education system.

Discover why scripture is not only a source of inspiration but also a practical guide for navigating the challenges of teaching and leading in a Catholic context. Subscribe to the Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast for daily encouragement and visit for speaking engagements tailored to the needs of Catholic educators.

Embark on a journey of spiritual enrichment and leadership empowerment with Jonathan Doyle, as he invites Catholic teachers to embrace the transformative power of sacred scripture in their vocation.

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