In this week’s episode, we hear from Dr. Paul Morrissey, President of Campion College in Sydney, about focusing education on teaching the Good, the True and the Beautiful. In this awesome conversation, Dr. Paul explains how he discerned his vocation as well as how he prioritises his faith in his profession. We also discuss the ‘factory model’ of education and discover what Campion College is doing differently in the education of its students.


0:00 – Intro 

5:42 – Starting in Teaching

11:53 – Discerning the Vocation

16:38 – The difference at Campion College

21:06 – The Good, the True and the Beautiful

26:03 – The Western education tradition

34:07 – Moving to Campion

40:54 – Dealing with burn-out and exhaustion

49:51 – How to prioritise the faith

53:49 – Where are your fountains of grace?

58:42 – The nobility of your vocation


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