In this week’s episode we hear from Vancouver Catholic school teacher and educational consultant, Rose Pillay. Rose shares her experienced insights into the role of vocation of teachers in Catholic schools, alongside the importance and purpose of Catholic education. In addition to this, Rose shares her advice on how to thrive as a catholic school teacher, and empower students to discover their unique gifts.

Shownotes –

0:00 Intro

1:45 When was the moment you knew you wanted to become a teacher?

4:25 What was faith like at home?

7:36 What are your first memories of catholic primary school?

13:20 How have you dealt with difficulties in the church? 16:38 ‘Ebullient’ – cheerful and full of energy

16:55 How have you not become tired? – What keeps you going?

21:40 The process of salvation, sanctity, and vocation in discovering who we are

26:30 How should teachers approach the practice of helping children discover who they are?

30:30 As an evangelist, how do you deal with people fixated on the importance of academic excellence in schools?

36:13 What is the purpose of Catholic schools – why do they exist?

38:45 How can people thrive in the catholic education system?

52:05 What are you looking forward to?

55:32 What should Catholic teachers be proud of?


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