This week we speak to Mark O’Farell, who is the principal at McAuley Catholic College in Grafton, NSW, about what he learned from his pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Rome. We’ll also hear how Mark has attempted to incorporate pilgrimage into his daily life and how it reaffirms his vocation as a Catholic teacher and a faith leader.


0:00 – Introduction and flooding in Grafton

2:37 – Pilgrimage: Where did you go? Why did you go?

7:34 – High points of the pilgrimage

12:39 – How did this experience change you?

15:25 – What will happen if Catholic principals take the risk of genuine faith leadership?

24:04 – Doubling down on the Catholic mission

28:33 – How can we apply this concept of pilgrimage to their daily life?

36:22 – What does Mark O’Farell build into his day to balance it all out

38:36 – What’s crucial for Catholic principals and teachers to know?


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