Welcome to Faithful Insights, the podcast that dives deep into the heart of Catholic education and its intersection with the ever-evolving modern world. I’m your host, Jonathan Doyle, an acclaimed global Catholic education speaker, and I’m here to guide you through the challenges and opportunities that educators, parents, and learners face in today’s society.

Join me as I share my thoughts and insights from my years of experience, including my upcoming US tour. As the sun rises early in the morning, I’m in the studio, fresh from my Zoom calls, connecting with educators and learners across the United States. From Fresno to St. Louis, from Oklahoma to Portland, I’m gearing up to engage with you all.

In each episode, we’ll delve into thought-provoking topics like the clash between Second World and Third World cultures, the role of faith in navigating moral dilemmas, and the importance of a solid foundation in the Church’s teachings. As I discuss the philosophical underpinnings of modern ideologies and their effects on education, you’ll discover how a deeper understanding of our faith can shape your approach to teaching, learning, and life.

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Remember, in a world that often challenges our beliefs and values, we’re here to stand strong, rooted in our faith, and ready to guide the next generation with grace and compassion. Stay tuned for more empowering insights in the episodes to come. God bless you, and see you in the next episode of Faithful Insights!

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