In this week’s episode we hear from the Principal of Angelorum College in Brisbane, Lucy Robinson. In this edition of the Catholic Teacher’s Podcast, Lucy discusses the role of God in the formation of Angelorum College and the importance of the family environment in the school context. In addition to this, Lucy shares her insight on the concept of primary educators as well as the core hope and purpose for Angelorum.

Shownotes –

4:54 What’s the action of God so far?

7:01 What was your fundamental desire that you were wishing to create?

10:53 The family environment within the school context

14:53 The concept of Primary Educators

18:26 How Lucy instills confidence in her teachers

21:36 How does Angelorum’s culture sustain a human element?

23:14 What is the core hope for the purpose of Angelorum

28:11 How people respond when they know they are genuinely loved?

31:16 What are the crucial elements of Angelorum’s staff culture?

34:13 How to find balance in the pastoral formation process

37:48 What has brought you the most joy so far?

41:39 What are the key effects that Angelorum college should have on its graduating students?

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