Dive into the heart of Catholic education with global speaker Jonathan Doyle in this enlightening episode of the Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast. Join Jonathan as he explores the concept of telos, delving into its roots in philosophy and its profound implications for educators and students alike.

Discover how understanding the telos, or final end, of the human person shapes the mission of Catholic education. Jonathan draws from centuries of philosophical inquiry and Catholic theology to illuminate the unique purpose of each individual and the vital role of educators in nurturing this purpose.

Through engaging anecdotes and insightful analysis, Jonathan empowers Catholic teachers to see beyond the challenges of modern education and embrace their sacred duty as co-creators in God’s plan. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or new to the field, this episode offers invaluable wisdom and inspiration for fostering holiness, virtue, and resilience in the classroom.

Join Jonathan Doyle on this transformative journey as he reminds us of the eternal significance of our work in shaping the hearts and minds of future generations. Subscribe now to the Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and educational excellence.

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