Join global Catholic speaker Jonathan Doyle in this enlightening episode of the Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast. Jonathan dives into the significance of prayer as a spiritual offering and its profound impact on our relationship with God. Drawing inspiration from the divine office and reflections on prayer from Tertullian, Jonathan emphasizes the importance of prioritizing prayer amidst life’s busyness.

Additionally, Jonathan delves into the timely topic of identity, exploring how modern culture grapples with the concept and its implications, especially for students. With insights from Catholic teachings and personal experiences, Jonathan underscores the unchanging truth of our identity as children of God, unaffected by societal pressures or trends.

Listeners will be inspired to deepen their prayer life and rediscover the profound truth of their identity in Christ. Jonathan’s passion for Catholic education and unwavering faith shines through as he encourages educators to embrace their role in guiding students towards a deeper understanding of their identity and worth in God’s eyes.

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