In this week’s edition of The Catholic Teacher’s Podcast, we hear from Catholic Priest and Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Rockville Centre, Father Joe Fitzgerald. Father Joe shares his thoughts on where to find balance between Catholic traditionalism and modern sensibilities, as well as what Catholic Teachers should be doing to deepen their faith. Additionally, Father Joe discusses why he chose to become a Catholic priest and what he loves about working with young people.

Shownotes –

0:00 Intro

6:14 Father Joe’s Catholic Background

7:38 What are some of your earliest memories of encountering the Catholic Faith?

10:50 Journey towards priesthood

16:00 How did Father Joe make the decision to just priesthood

21:36 What do you love about working with young people?

25:42 What is the balance between traditionalist catholicism and modern sensibilities?

33:52 Why Catholic Priests in schools is important

41:15 What do Catholic Priests bring to the school?

45:46 What should Catholic Teachers be doing to deepen their faith in Christ?

51:23 What do you value most in you life as a Priest?

54:36 Father Joe’s three pieces of advice for Catholic Educators

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