In this week’s edition of the Catholic Teacher Podcast, we hear from Catholic Teacher Denise Brickler, in St Louis, Missouri. Denise discusses how a truly Catholic high school can be great academic achievers, and the importance of spiritual leadership in Catholic Schools. Additionally, Denise shares how to share the vision of sainthood with students, as well as the relevance of a spiritual director. Oh, also to ReTreat Yo’ Self.

– Shownotes –

0:00 Intro

7:42 When Denise first realised she wanted to be a teacher

9:32 The changes Denise has gone through in her teaching vocation

13:20 How is Denise’s vocation missionary?

14:52 How to avoid getting cynical and burnt out

17:17 What has Denise learned through hardships in her journey?

18:46 Trusting in God

22:00 What is the core of Denise’s vocation with young people?

24:15 How does Denise share the vision of sainthood with her students?

26:31 How a truly catholic school can be high academic achievers

28:31 Spiritual leadership in Catholic Schools

31:56 Steps teachers can take to combining great teaching and great faith

33:39 The elements of key Catholic leadership

39:05 What can confession and reconciliation offer to Catholic teachers?

41:14 The relevance of a spiritual director for Catholic Teachers

44:20 Denise’s experience with burnout and boundaries

47:09 What makes organisation and routine hard for people?

51:28 What can teachers do to combat burnout

54:05 How can we take steps to better understanding scripture?

56:55 Why is Denise so filled with joy about her vocation?

59:50 How do you decide when it’s right to move on?

1:01:24 Denise’s 3 key points for Catholic Teachers

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