Join global Catholic speaker Jonathan Doyle for the concluding episode of his enlightening three-day series on the Catholic Teacher Daily Podcast. Delve into the essential relationship between leadership, influence, and character within the realm of Catholic education.

In this episode, Jonathan unpacks the concept of leadership as influence, emphasizing how our choices shape our character and define our effectiveness as leaders. Drawing from ancient wisdom and philosophical insights, he reveals how repeated actions mold our character and underscores the pivotal role of grace in our journey toward virtuous leadership.

Listeners are invited to reflect on their own paths of self-leadership as Jonathan inspires a deeper commitment to holiness and virtuous living. Whether you’re a Catholic educator or simply seeking to enhance your leadership skills, this episode offers profound insights and practical wisdom to guide your journey. Tune in to discover how embracing the intersection of leadership, influence, and character can transform your approach to leadership in the Catholic educational setting and beyond.

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