In this week’s episode we hear from the Director of R.E at St. Bonaventure’s in London, Andy Lewis. In this awesome new episode Andy discusses his journey to Catholic Ministry and his vocation to guide students through their school life. Alongside this, Andy describes what makes a good Catholic teacher as well what works for young Catholic Students in an academic environment.

Shownotes –

0:00 Intro

6:32 Why did you study theology at University?

10:27 How were you drawn towards Catholic Ministry?

17:08 What makes a good Catholic Teacher?

25:41 Why catechesis and curriculum matter

30:57 How should Catholic Teachers deal with difficult questions?

33:14 Why do you care so much about what you do?

36:46 What works for young people in moving from academics to the experiential

41:46 How do you sustain what you do?

45:17 What is Andy’s Vocation?

48:12 What is the essence of Catholic Education?

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